Monthly Club Meetings
at the
24/7 Dunkin' Donuts

Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month in the Executive Conference Room at the 24/7 Dunkin' Donuts in Davie Florida, located on Davie Road just south of I-595. The business portion of the meeting is called to order at 7:30 PM and continues for approximately 15 minutes, after which we take a 15 minutes break to stretch our legs, talk to our fellow members, and sip some coffee. We then re-convene for a 45 minute presentation. The meetings are adjourned and we are out of the building by 9:00 PM.

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  SFDSO Vice President Fred Lehman during his presentation on the Structure of the Universe. Fredís talk focused on the Big Bang and Inflationary theories, with their incredible mathematical parameters, plus the composition, age, and scale of the universe, and included some incredible graphics and images.

This photo was taken SFDSO Secretary Marc Umlas at the January 27, 2010 meeting.

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