Friday Night Viewing
Kirby Storter Roadside Park in Collier County Florida
December 3, 2010
Fred Lehman

Since it was the night of my 60th birthday, I once again celebrated the advancing years by going out into the darkness with my faithful old telescope to get a little quite and solitude.

Not in keeping in tune with a birthday celebration, my camera wouldn't work at all, consequently I didn't get any of the pictures I had hoped to capture. Oh well -- better luck next year.

Marc Umlas

I was a little late at joining Fred for his birthday party, but it's still better to be a little late than to not show up at all.

I had a bit better luck than he, so I have two nice pictures to show for my evening's effort.

SBIG 4000XCM on an AT106 @ f/6.7
Triangulum Galaxy

Pleiades Cluster M45
in Taurus

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