SFDSO Scholarship Program  

The Scholarship Trust Fund

On behalf of the entire astronomy club, the Scholarship Award Committee would like to extend its sincere thanks to each and every one of the contributors for their generosity.

In order to provide recognition of a contribution, while retaining confidentiality as to the exact dollar amount, donations have been categorized into four tiers of ascending denomination:
Any donation
$25 or more
$75 or more
$250 or more
    Asteroid Class
Planetary Class
Nebula Class
Galaxy Class

Person or Organization Tier Date
Marc Umlas Galaxy Class February 2010
Fred Lehman Asteroid Class February 2010
Total: $251 Current

Donations can be submitted in person at the meetings, or if desired, you may mail your check to:
SFDSO Scholarship Fund
6191 Orange Drive #6163G
Davie, Florida 33314

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